Wedding Planner Reviews

— Paula D.

 “Maria was the best. She held our hands and guided us through each and  every step of the wedding plans and the actual wedding. She went out of  her way to make our wedding a VERY SPECIAL day. Her personal touch was  seen everywhere throughout the evening. Maria did special things with  her own decorations along with painting and constructing displays for  our guests. She truly went the EXTRA MILE! I sincerely enjoyed working  with her. I would highly recommend Maria to any couple getting married  or planning any family event.”  

— Ricardo A.

 “We found White Dreams Events to be a very well-organized company with  high capacity and professional experience. Many of our daughter’s  friends complimented the table setup with regional flowers, the  delicious food, and the south Florida cocktails that were offered in the  evening. We really recommend White Dreams Events and their efficient  management team for the organization of any party or event.” 

— Cara

 “We recommend White Dreams Events because they gave us the best advice.  they knew the industry and their vendors showed us the professional  knowledge we were looking . All the assistants help us all day with a  good actitud all the time.also her website as a organizer tool help us  to be on top of all the detail and we were aware about everything.Thank  you so much was a very pleasant experience.”